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Bert Meeuwsen specialises in organisational advice, executive coaching, register confidential counsellor, education, and eChanger. Equipped to assist in employment selection and executive search for small to mid-sized businesses and non-profit organisations. 

Whereas Jet Meeuwsen is hand-bookbinder (NLD) and is specialised in book repair since 1995.


Advice for whom and why?
We want to assist you, the leader of a small or mid-sized business or non-profit organisation.

How you run your operation you know from experience. However, you cannot do everything yourself. You cannot know everything. That’s why you seek advice for your most important asset/investment: the employees/associates in your organisation. Besides advice regarding organisational areas of attention, you receive even more: new energy. That new energy comes from creative attention directed toward people and our society in which we live. This attention can be directed toward you, or one of your co-workers/associates. We can give you more than than just advice or coaching. The scope of our relationship can be be assisting in the process of hiring or selection of key-managers or expanded into an overall look at your organisation.

What do you receive?
From us you can expect pragmatic and pro-active advice, directed toward your organisation. We expect your emphasis is on operational and procedural excellence.
This starts with an approach to the combination of scientific but especially practical principles. Central to this is also: capable advise directed toward the culture in your organisation, coaching and selecting. It will be very clear how we work for you. At the same time you expect and you will receive logical explanation of the services we provide. In other words: “You receive, as required by you, the best possible service”. This is part of our strategy: customer excellence. You will receive a long-term partner who is not interested in short-term gains.

Where and in which atmosphere?
All this can happen away from your office and at times that are different for you than you would otherwise expect. Meeuwsen & Partner is centrally located in Leusden. A perfect location to meet and have a comfortable conversation. Why sit in an office or a car if nature is just a stone-throw away. Experience has shown that this will lead to a good brainstorming session at times that are most convenient for you: in the evenings or on Saturday. We do not meet on Sunday, then we can all enjoy other things, such as the beautifully created world around us.


On hand-bookbinding and book repair by Jet? click here (NLD)


With friendly regards, and we look forward to having a coffee or tea with you.


Bert Meeuwsen MBA MEd PGCHE FHEA

Advising since 1992


Jet Meeuwsen-Boneschanscher

hand-bookbinding since 1995